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Why and where do we need Wheel Stops?

Wheel stops are something that most of us must have noticed earlier but have not paid much attention to. Wheel stops are artificial blocks meant to stop vehicles from moving up and down the gradient. They are also used to prevent traffic from passing through. Apart from these, Wheel stops are also used in parking lots by the parking lot operators to keep the vehicle in place and they are also used as a precautionary mark to prevent vehicles from parking too close to side walks, pavements or buildings. It is mandatory for all shopping malls and parking lots to install wheel stops.

A number of companies specialize in manufacturing wheel stops. They are available in wood as well as plastic. Plastic wheel stops are preferred as compared to the wooden ones as they need less maintenance. The wooden wheel stops are available in attractive colors. You can choose the best wheel stop as per your requirement.

But one thing to be kept in mind while selecting wheel stops is that they should be such that they are not easily moved by persons insistent on passing through forbidden entry ways and it is advisable to install these on a temporary basis.