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Which Type of Machine is the Best for you?

Full-time striping contractors with years of experience tend to use airless machines. They also tend to agree on three primary reasons:

1. The machines themselves are very sturdy and durable. They never seem to wear out as a complete unit. Instead, various components are replaced as needed, such as tired, engines, cables, and guns.

2. They have learned all of the idiosyncrasies of the machine and know how to repair or adjust it to obtain peak performance.

3. They have substantially modified the machine. Sometimes, these modifications seem to be a radical alteration of the standard, factory made model.

Our company is personally fond of the Titan speeflow series. We find them to be durable, easy to repair and very strong pumps. They can handle epoxies and urethane’s better than other parking lot stripers. We currently have about 20 titans in our fleet. We also have some machines we have manufactured ourselves. We find that there is still a demand for good strong but small machines in the parking lot stripers arsenal.

All in all stick with a quality made product such as Titan and you cant go wrong. There piston pumps are work horses and there frame design is superior.

What do you guys think?