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When Is It Time to Change Your Parking Lot?

In the business world there is never any certainty. It can be difficult to know when to buy certain stock and when to have a sale. The same thing holds true with your parking. When is it time to adjust your parking lot? When should you add onto your parking lot? If you add on too soon, you’re likely to risk paying money for something you don’t need, and in today’s economy that is never a good idea. If you wait too long, you’ll deal with disgruntled customers. There are, however, some ways you can know if you’re ready to add on to your parking lot and to have your parking lot striping redone.

1. Listen to your customers. If they’re complaining about not having enough space, or about not being able to see the parking lot striping, it’s time to change things.

2. Watch the parking lot. See how frequently it is filled. If necessary, make a chart so that you can follow how busy your parking lot gets.

3. View it for yourself. Go out after closing or before opening and take a look at the striping that is there to see if it is breaking down or not.