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Wheel Stops: To Paint or Not To Paint

Some business owners ponder if they should paint wheel stops or not. They have very valid arguments against painting their wheel stops, some of which include:

• A waste of money. It’s just a piece of concrete, why should you have to pay to have it painted?
• It’s just paint, and they feel that they can paint it themselves.
• A bottle or spray paint is much less expensive than paying someone to paint the wheel stops for you.

There are also, however arguments for having your wheel stops painted. For instance, if you were to avoid painting your wheel stops entirely, it is very likely that someone will trip over them or will run into them. They blend very easily into the pavement, and can often damage a person or their vehicle. If you choose to paint the wheel stops yourself, you will likely wind up having to do so over and over again, as the paint is not meant to last for a generation. Spray paint soaks very quickly into the concrete, and will be gone almost as quick as you can paint it.