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Wheel stops – The wheel stops right here.

In order to protect the pavement and to prevent people from parking their vehicles too close to the curb, wheel stops have been created and put in place. These are basically used to stop the vehicle from going any further, just as the name states, to stop the wheel. In case of buildings which have a huge parking lot and plants have been planted near the lot, there will be ample stops provided to protect the plants from getting run over. Made from recycled rubber or plastic, these stops are installed near the curb and found in almost all lots.

The wheel stops are at times painted in bright colors so the driver will notice them. And they are strong and sturdy and will not erode or break easily. These are very easy to install and is a one time investment lasting for years to come. All that is needed to plant them firmly on the ground are a couple of bolts and maybe mounting plates. They come in different colors and can be placed where parking is possible. Being light weight it makes it all the more easier to fix them onto the ground, be it concrete or otherwise.