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Wheel stops – Stop right here please

Just like how a door stopper is used to stop movement of a door in the house, the wheel stops are used to stop cars and other big vehicles. These are used as a safety precaution in buildings where there are lawns or parks near the parking area. In places like hospitals or schools, where the park or play ground is likely to be right next to the parking lot, multiple such stoppers are required to control the movement of the cars. If a parent is in the school to pick up their child, they will want to park the car in a safe place and then go to get their child. If they are not careful, the vehicle could move into the play area making it unsafe for the children playing nearby.

Similarly, in hospitals where there are patients flowing in and out at all hours, it is essential for the parking lots to be equipped with bright colored wheel stops. These will ensure that the vehicles coming in are parked in their rightful places and not any further. Keeping the environment safe for people to move around in is the main purpose of these sturdy brick stoppers.