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Wheel Stops-Stop at the Right Spot

You have often wished that you can take your vehicle in and out of the parking lot with ease and without having to worry about the vehicle hitting the sidewalk or climbing into a landscape. Nowadays parking lots are designed in a way where you really do not have to worry about it anymore. Parking lots are designed to keep in mind the physically challenged and to make the life of the normal driver much simpler.

Wheel stops are provided at the parking lots to help motorists stop their vehicles at the appropriate point. Contrary to earlier days when the wheel curbs had to be constructed from concrete, the wheel stops of today are made from recycled materials making them cheap, effective and resistant to weather changes. A typical wheel stop would be made from 100% recycled plastic and rubber and generally come with 12 mm masonry anchor fixings. They are generally 10 cm high which makes it convenient for the driver to stop the vehicle. The normal weight of the wheel stops is approximately 7 kg. per meter which makes it convenient to carry them from the manufacturers plant to the location.

Modern technology has helped devise this product, which prevents many a car from getting a dent.

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