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Wheel stops –Stop at the right spot

The rubber pads at the parking lot that help your car from hitting the bumper of another one is known as a Wheel Stop. They are very effective and help you to park your car effortlessly. You can have wheel stops installed in your house also to prevent your car from getting too close to the wall. There are many categories of wheel stops, and some of the more common products offered are Premium Color Wheel Stops, Premium Gray wheel stops, Standard Coated wheel stop, Standard Gray Wheel stop, Rubber Wheel stop, Shortstop, Truck Block, Glue-Down Wheel Stop and many more.

Installation services are offered by us and you can call for any kind of wheel stop installation requirement. We have experts who will do your entire installation in one day. Nowadays most wheel stops are made from 100% plastic and recycled rubber. These products are durable and installation is easy. These products are ready with masonry anchor fittings, 100 mm in height and weigh about 7kg per meter.

Our experts understand your requirements, and suggest the best solutions applicable. We appreciate the fact that wheel stops at the parking lot and garage will have different requirements. Hence we always offer you the best solutions at the most competitive rates.

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