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Wheel stops-Stop at the right spot

Parking at a cramp up parking lot is sometimes difficult. You have to ensure that you do not hit the wall in front or the bumper of another car. Wheel stops help to stop the car at the correct point so that there is no chance to hit the wall or another car. Many companies manufacture wheel stops and mostly they are made of 100% recycled plastic and rubber. The wheel stops generally come with the requisite masonry fixings. The weight of a wheel stop is approximately 7 kg per meter and it can be used indoors or outdoors. Wheel stops can also be used when you need to park the vehicle on an uphill and prevent it from moving. There are different kinds of wheel stops that are available.

The yellow wheel stops normally seen in the parking lots have to be fixed to the ground while there are some mobile wheel stops, which can be carried along when you are going to a camp. The mobile wheel stops can cost approximately $15 and can be very handy. There are many sellers who sell online and you can check out one of them. Always compare the product with couple of retailers on the price and quality before you make the final purchase.