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Wheel Stops: Saving Your Car

When you park your vehicle in a parking garage, do you worry that it will go anywhere? Probably not. The reason that you don’t worry about your car rolling off isn’t just because the car is on a flat surface, but because there are wheel stops that are keeping your vehicle from rolling where it isn’t supposed to roll.

We often take wheel stops for granted, probably because they are all over the place, but wheel stops are very important. If you didn’t have wheel stops, your car may wind up rolling all over the place. It is very easy to get out of a vehicle before putting it in park, especially if you are on a flat surface and do not feel the car moving. One slight bump and your vehicle may roll from where you left it into another person’s vehicle, then you have to deal with insurance companies and a whole mess. Wheel stops are put in parking garages not only to help you to figure out where to park, but also to help keep damage from occurring to all of the cars in the parking lot.