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Wheel stops – Proceed no further

Imagine you are driving into a restaurant and have found a parking space. It is near the garden, and will maneuver your car till your hit something that stops you in your tracks. Not to worry, these are wheel stops that have been planted to give you an indication of how far you can go. Made of concrete and usually constructed on the ground surface, these bar like devices act as stops. They help drivers park their car away from the building or walls. Since they are made of either concrete or recycled blocks, they are sturdy and can stand any amount of weight thrust against them. It is also a one time installation unless the layout of the space is going to change.

Available in different colors, these wheel stops are placed strategically to enable the drivers control their cars. They are weather proof and can stand any amount of heat or cold, and rain, too. If the car parking lots are big, there might be one long bar of wheel stopper or there could be smaller ones that suit individual cars. They also won’t fade away or break with wear and tear, so absolutely no maintenance is required.