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Wheel Stops-Parking without worrying

Wheel stops made of hard rubber, steel or fiberglass are a great replacement for the concrete wheel stops that were generally used in the parking lots. Wheel stops can serve the requirements of parking lots parking cars, trucks, vans and Rvs. There are models of wheel stops from different manufacturers, which are small but have a capacity of 3 tons per stand. The price of a steel wheel chock pair with a weight of 3 lbs is approximately $15. You can buy the wheel stops online, as there are many options available. Apart from being used at parking lots, wheel stops are of great use, when you are camping overnight and want to make sure that your vehicle does not roll off. Some wheel stops come with a guarantee of as long as 10 years. Another major advantage of wheel stops is their ease of installation. Installation can be done by a single person.

Wheel stops also come with built in reflectors so that drivers can see where they need to go when parking their vehicles at night. Wheel stops come in a two different color schemes of yellow and black or white and black. The price range varies, so it is better to check out a couple of dealers before making the final buy.