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Wheel Stops-Helping you to Stop in Time

Imagine your bumper touches the wall of the parking lot and gets a dent. What would make matters worse is if you had recently bought that new SUV. You are just getting used to the vehicle when this happens. You wish there was someone to tell you, “Hey! Stop, otherwise you are going to hit the wall.”

Fortunately for you, there is a solution. Wheel stops help the car to stop when you are not sure how far you should take your vehicle reverse or forward. They are generally used at parking lots and in preventing vehicles from damaging the sidewalks, buildings and any other delicate landscape that may be in and around the lot.

Wheel stops are created from plastic and are different from conventional concrete curbs. They are durable, long lasting and are not affected by the cold or heat. The wheel stops are fixed in the parking lot place with the help of anchor pins or mastic. They can be used with much ease and are also effective. They come in as a readymade product and there is no need to build a concrete curb as the case used to be before. Now the next time your new vehicle is saved from hitting the sidewalk thank the wheel stops.

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