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Wheel Stops-Helping you stop

Call them Bumper Curbs, Impact Curbs or Wheel Stops, they all have the same meaning. They help you to park the vehicle at the right place without hitting the wall or the bumper of another car. Wheel Stops made out of recycled components  are more durable than conventional concrete stops. Easy to install and a one man job, they can be installed in a day’s time depending upon the length. At Trueline Striping, we ensure that you get the best solutions in wheel stops for your parking lot or even you own garage in the house. We have been in business for the last 15 years and have enough experience to satisfy your parking requirements.

Wheel stops are installed by using anchor pins or mastic. Apart from being used in parking lots and garages, wheel stops are also used in factories and storage facilities. Though concrete wheel stops are almost obsolete, certain governments still prefer to use them over the recycled material wheel stops. These wheel stops are made of precast concrete and weighs approximately 200 lbs.

If your requirement is for concrete or recycled wheelstops, and whether you want it for a parking lot or a building, Trueline Striping offers customized solutions for all your needs.

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