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Wheel stops –Durable and worth it.

As you are pulling into a parking space, if your tire hits on something that stops it from going forward, you should know that there are wheel stops in place. These are used to give the driver an indication that this is as far as he can go and he needs to shut off the engine now. In some parking lots, there might be one long stopper in place whereas in others there would be multiple stops in place.  I  fact, each parking lot will have an individual stop at the end of the parking space to stop vehicles.

The wheel stops are made using either plastic or rubber and so are of a good quality. Some companies even offer guarantee on these products so that if it wears out, you will get a free replacement. The other variety are the ones constructed using concrete, and these are preferred in large malls because the number of stops required would be numerous and maintaining them would become a hassle if it is made of any other material. These can be drilled into the ground and can withstand any amount of weight pushed against it and require little or no maintenance at all.