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Wheel Stops: Concrete or Rubber?

The old standby for wheel stops is concrete. You can walk into almost any parking lot or parking garage and find concrete wheel stops in their usual place. Wheel stops are essential to have in your parking lot or parking garage, as they can help keep people, and property, safe. But did you know that there is another choice aside from concrete?

Concrete wheel stops are inexpensive, this is true, but they also break down after seven years of use. When they break down the rebar becomes apparent and is in prime position to harm or injure someone. Rubber wheel stops are becoming very popular. They are created using a number of different kinds of materials, and can have a variety of pluses to them depending on what they are made from. Some are resistant to UV, others are resistant to oil, and some are temperature resistant. There are also some wheel stops made out of a very high quality rubber that are resistant to almost anything you can throw at them. Rubber wheel stops do not crack or rot, and no rebar will be exposed with them. They are extremely flexible and may be the future for all parking lots.