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Wheel Stops: Breaking Down

Many people believe that anything that is made from concrete will last for forever. Unfortunately, this is not so. Concrete, just like most other materials, is apt to break down over time, and the more it is used, the quicker it will break down. The same holds true for wheel stops. Most parking lot managers believe that their wheel stops will last for a lifetime, but wheel stops that are placed in parking lots often take a lot of damage, requiring that they be changed frequently.

In fact, most wheel stops have a life span of about seven years, and while this seems like a long time, it can go by very quickly. If you wait until the seven years is up, you will be at risk for having the wheel stop break down entirely, causing the rebar to be exposed. Usually the rebar is exposed at the end of the wheel stop, which is a prime place for someone to trip or get accidentally cut by the rusted metal. If you would like to avoid having a lawsuit brought against you, and you know that your wheel stops are getting older, think about getting them replaced.