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Wheel Stops Are Extremely Important

Wheel Stops serve a very important function when they are being used in a parking lot. They not only help those parking in your parking lot know where they should park and how far they should pull in, they also help to prevent damage to property, including other vehicles and landscapes. They may even help to save a life!

Even though they seem like such a small thing, wheel stops truly make a big impact. When someone is pulling into your parking lot or parking garage, a wheel stop helps them to quickly identify where they should park their car. When they pull in, a wheel stop helps them to see exactly where they should stop their car. Wheel stops keep the vehicle where they should be, so no matter what happens, the vehicle will remain safely parked. Quite often cars will unintentionally disengage from their parking gear, allowing them to roll where they would. Wheel stops keep the car from going very far and can help to keep property safe. They can even help to save a life, for as long as you plan your parking lot so that your customers walk in front of the wheel stops, a car will be unable to hit them.