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What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Curb Painting Firm

There are certain criteria that need to be followed by contractors who want to take up curb painting jobs. For one, every curb painting contractor needs to follow the rules and regulations laid down by the Departments of Traffic Engineering or those set by other regulatory authorities. Some curb painting basics that apply to all contractors who are already into this business or want to enter it are:

It is mandatory for all contractors to register their firm or business with the Department of Traffic Engineering and get their certificate for curb painting. This registration of curb painting agencies with respective government departments makes them eligible to work and provide their services within any particular city or area.

It is very important to know that curb painting is done on public property. Curb painting has to be done on number stencils, fire lanes as well as no parking areas in the house’s frontage. Any logos, banners or advertisements generally need to be painted only on the individual or firm’s private property.

In many cities, curb painting is done after a gap of certain years and government agencies land with contracts requesting speech marks from contractors who are registered. In many cases, contractors are required to provide guarantee and assurance about the quality of their work.