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What Not To Do When Getting Your Parking Lot Painted

A number of people have boarded the parking lot striping and painting bandwagon due to the easy set up and low investment required for getting into the business. However, a number of them are extremely unprofessional, and have started a business with the sole aim of fleecing and fooling their customers. In case you are planning to get your parking lot painted, then here are a number of tips about the things that you should NOT do:
• Do not pay for raw material quoted to you in terms of units required. You want your parking lot striped, so ask for a quotation for the total price of the complete job, since it is unlikely that you will know how many gallons of paint, adhesive and sealers etcetra would actually be required for the whole job.
• Do not hire people whose equipment does not look exactly sound or professional. If you do not know what exactly a parking lot striping firm’s machinery should look like, check out a few reputable web sites in order to get a clear idea.
• Do not hire somebody who is doing your job at half the normal price. After all, how can somebody do a regular job for half the regular price? If you still want to go ahead, make sure that you check and cross check credentials and references.

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