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What is Curb Painting?

Curb painting refers to painting the curb on the road. There are a few reasons to paint curbs, and one of them is to indicate the presence of the road’s edge. Some people also like to paint addresses on the curbs.

There are different messages for different colors of painting on the curb. When a curb is painted red, it indicates no parking. It is used for emergencies by the local police or fire department. While a yellow color indicates that it is ok to load or unload goods or passengers. A white color indicates that you can park a vehicle for not more than 3 minutes, whereas a green color indicates that you can park the vehicle for no more than 15 minutes. Only a vehicle which displays the license or placards issued by Department of Motor Vehicles can park at a blue curb which normally indicates handicap parking. A Curb painting needs to be perfect or else drivers could be misdirected.

Though Curb painting sounds very simple, it is not so. Any individual who wants to paint on curbs needs to obtain a permit from Code Services for the same. Also, different states have different regulations with regards to curb painting.