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What Happens During Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is essential for most parking lots, but many people actually have no idea what the process is that the parking lot striping company has to go through when they’re paving the parking lot. Here are the basic steps involved in striping a parking lot.

1. Come up with a design. The design is one of the key elements necessary to get a good parking lot. You and your designer will work together to figure out how to maximize space as well as esthetic beauty.

2. Clean off the parking lot. There can be absolutely no debris on the parking lot when the striping is done or it will be ruined completely. Some companies use special solvents to clean the lot, while others use highly sensitive mechanical sweepers to do so.

3. Take off the old striping. Some companies leave the old striping on. For a good and lasting seal, it is important to take all of the old paint off, or as much of it as is possible to remove.

4. Paint the new stripes. This is actually one of the fastest parts of the process.

5. Seal the new stripes. Sealing is the best way to ensure that the stripes remain on the pavement for a long time.