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Warehouse Striping Creates Space, Saves Money

Warehouse Striping Can Save You Money

Warehouse Striping Can Save you money

When was the last time you looked around your warehouse and thought I could get more use from my space.  Chances are it wasn’t to long ago and your still thinking about it.  Trueline Striping has been striping warehouses for over 20 years and knows how to get more from that space for you.  With warehouse striping you can really increase not only the space in your facility ,but you can improve the safety and appearance of your warehouse areas.

The Process of Warehouse Striping

When Trueline Striping is hired to install striping in  a warehouse its typically pallet staging, numbering and stenciling.  These types of concrete painted lines are designed to help your employees organize your inventory to get the maximum use from your facility.   Sometimes when our customers have forklifts they ask us to install acid resistant floor coatings under there battery charging stations to prevent acid from destroying their concrete.  Another common request we get is to install OSHA related safety lines.  Lines like these are designed to create safe walking zones throughout the warehouse for visiting guest or employees from other areas of operations that may not realize that they are in a dangerous work area.  The lines create borders and zones that can be color coded or stenciled with a message or warning.  Another typical Warehouse Striping application would be rat run striping lines.  These lines are installed on the border edges or walls of the facility and are required by law whenever food is stored of any kind in a facility.

Warehouse Floor Striping Products & Options

When warehouse floor striping is going to be considered it’s important to also consider what type of paint you are going to want to use.  At Trueline we have the experience to access your situation and make appropriate recommendations.   With warehouse line painting you literally have dozens of choices to choose from.  Take a look below at the following paint choices and where the best place to use them is.

  • Water base Paint:  Best used for exterior line painting applications such as truck stall parking, parking stall striping, and stencils and markers ie. stop, arrow and handicap parking.
  • Oil Base Paints: Oil base paints are one of the best paints to use to gain a little more durability over a typical water based paint. oil base paints are also know for there drying characteristics. A great place we recommend oil base paints would be in  shopping centers and parking situations that need there parking lots open fast.  Here at Trueline we like to use oil base paints to repaint curbs and fire lines in shopping centers and home owner associations.  They are stronger than there water based cousin and last longer as well.  Add in the fast drying time and you can see why they are so popular with wise parking lot striping companies.
  • Urethane Enamel: Urethane paints are designed to stand up to harsh weather conditions such as long term exposure to sun, rain and other exposure issues.  This paint product is highly recommended for metal bollards, guard rails, loading docks, hand railings and sign post.
  • Epoxy Coatings: This type of coating is a very durable coating. This coating is best used in heavy commercial and industrial applications.  It’s a 2 part paint system that is designed to be used indoors and hold up under the harshest conditions.  This paint product is ideal for warehouse floor striping and also floor coating like battery acid resistant applications.

If you have and questions or comments please feel free to contact us direct or post something below.  We would love to hear your thoughts or ideas regarding these  specialty applications.  Trueline Striping Incorporated specializes in the applications of paint listed above and would love to provide you with any information that you may need regarding those applications.

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