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Warehouse Striping Contractors

This week Trueline did a warehouse floor striping project that was started by another contractor. Its  a long story, but the lesson is invaluable.

In this story, Trueline was hired to fix a job that had gone bad for our customer. The contractor, he originally hired asked for 50 % up front for material cost, which he was paid. Their original contractor started the project and quickly things started falling apart. The customer started asking questions and realized that their original hire was uneducated about the paint he chose to put down for them. With only 20 % of the job completed, the contractor stopped showing up and stopped answering his phone. When they tried to go after the contractor for the up front money they put up, they found out he was not a licensed contractor and that he had only a P.O. box address and a cell phone number that was now turned off. When I questioned whether they would where going to pursue it any further, they stated that the cost to sue would not be worth the time it would take to pursue it.

Orange County Warehouse Floor Striping

The Services such as Warehouse Floor Striping,  also known as Warehouse Floor Painting, Floor Painting, Warehouse Line Striping, etc. seems easy because its similar to painting parking lots in that you are basically measuring out lines and painting them down. Unfortunately, the similarities end there. Warehouse  Floor Striping is a far more complex project to undertake then parking lot striping. With factors to consider such as, product choices, product pot life, timing, drying times, product compatibility, and many more.

There are a lot of contractors that will take a Warehouse Floor Striping project on with little to no experience or worse they are unlicensed or un-insured. A good indicator of a unlicensed contractor is not seeing it posted on there web site or stationary. Many times contractors will actually use another companies license. The easiest way to know who it belongs to is to do a search on your local state license board. In California ours it at . You can check a license by company name, personal name ( i.e. owners name) or by contractor license number that they provide. Insurance is even easier. Simply ask for proof of insurance and then call there provider to make sure their policy is current and reflects coverage for their company.

Here are a few State License Board Search web addresses.

It is also important to keep in mind that not all states have a state license board.

Below is a good link for research. It has a nice users interface and easy to to navigate.

With the Internet becoming so popular for search, it has become more and more risky to hire a contractor. Companies can spring up over night and be gone the following month. They can look professional, have phone numbers and clean contracts. The key is doing some home work and being proactive before you start your next project.

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