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Warehouse Floor Striping Contractors Are they Licensed? Are they Experienced?

The most important question you should ask first is this: 

Is your warehouse floor striping company  a licensed contractor? and are they an experienced contractor?

That is an important question. Mainly because if your contractor is not licensed locally, and something goes wrong, it can be difficult to make that company responsible for their mistakes. Here is a quick story about a Warehouse Floor Striping Services contractor that cost their customer a lot of money.

In this story, a warehouse manager decided to hire a contractor from out of state in an effort to save money. Since labor can be cheaper and insurance and so on , some people will consider this a valid option despite the many laws that a broken along the way. This particular warehouse hired a contractor from a state out side of their own,  and agreed upon a price sight unseen. A contract was drafted and the contractor was paid half up front. The next week the project was started and finished 7 days later. These are a few of the photos that we took of the job to show you what they ended up with.

Warehouse Floor Services

Warehouse Floor Services a1

after the project got under way the warehouse manager realized the quality was not what he had expected. They could  have avoided a lot of problems by asking some basic questions up front. This is not to say that out of state  striping companies cannot do a quality job, but they should have referrals available, they should not be willing to bypass the laws regarding licensing and product use, and most importantly they should have the experience. When Trueline Striping is considering a out of state project, we do the research ahead of time for our accounts and give them a quick assessment of the cost, products, and a time frame.

If you have a Warehouse Floor Striping project coming up, give us a call and talk to one of our estimators. They can provide answers for all your questions.