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Warehouse Floor Painting / Warehouse Floor Striping Contractors? Maybe, Maybe Not!

The service goes by many names such as Warehouse Floor Striping, Warehouse Floor Painting, Floor Painting, Warehouse Line Striping, plus many more. Its similar to painting parking lots in that you are basically measuring out lines and painting them down.  However, the similarities end there.  Warehouse Striping is a far more complex project to undertake then parking lot striping with factors to consider such as, product choices, product pot life, timing, drying times, product compatibility, and many many more.

There are a lot of contractors that will take these projects on with little to no experience or worse, they are unlicensed or un-insured. A good indicator of an unlicensed contractor is not seeing it posted on there web site or stationary. Many times, contractors will actually use another companies’ license. The easiest way to know who it belongs to is to do a search on your local state license board. In California, ours is at . You can check a license by company name, personal name ( i.e. owners name) or by contractor license number that they provide. Insurance is even easier. Simply ask for proof of insurance and then call their provider to make sure their policy is current and reflects coverage for their company.

Here are a few other State License Board Search web addresses.

  • Nevada 
  • Florida  
  • New York
  • Washington

Basically, if you need to do a search for a license, just paste the following line into your search engine and you should find your local agency.

Search Query:

(” state name” + “state license board”)

So. California would look like this:

(California State License Board)

Also, there are some states that do not have a state license board because they do not require a license to preform work.  At last, look the number was around thirteen. However, its changing a lot, so keep checking.

If you need a licensed contractor for your Warehouse Striping project, please give us a call. Not only are we licensed and insured, but we have 18 years of experience and  great customer service.