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Vehicle stop

Wheel stops refer to wooden or plastic blocks meant to slow down the speed of the vehicle while approaching a mall or a shopping center. The wheel stops are also used to reduce the speed of the vehicles at the entry to the parking lots.

All shopping malls and parking lots should install wheel stops as per US federal law. The wheel stops could be installed on a permanent basis or on a temporary basis. However, it is advisable to have wheel stops on a temporary basis since they have to be used at multiple locations.

A number of companies specialize in manufacturing wheel stops. They are available in two models. The first model is wooden and the second is plastic. These days, plastic wheel stops are preferred because they are maintenance free. Wooden wheels stops have to be protected from rains and moisture. It has to be maintained on a routine basis and involves painting, brushing and polishing.

The come in all shapes and sizes ranging from 7 kilograms to 15 kilograms. They come in various color combinations and schemes. They are durable and pressed in moulds. Therefore, they won’t be damaged easily despite extensive use. They can be purchased at any store in the mall. They are also displayed on the Internet.

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