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Use better visible colors for striping

It is always advisable that parking lot contractors use high quality colors that are visible to the motorists in order to ensure visibility. One has to remember that strong colors should be used for parking lot striping. Parking lot contractors may want to opt for strong visible colors such as blue and orange. These colors are highly visible during daytime and assists motorists in parking the vehicle as desired by the parking lot manager. If the parking lot operates round the clock and throughout the night, it is fluorescent paints may be a good idea to invest in. By using fluorescent paints for parking lot striping, parking lot managers will help the motorists in parking the cars easily whether it is day or night. The fluorescent colors glow in the dark, which helps motorists to identify the parking slots easily.

Use a variety of colors of high quality paint in order to distinguish areas within the parking lot. The parking lot manager’s booth should be located at a place where the cars enter and exit. This will make it easy for the parking lot manager to collect the fee from the motorists. Similarly, the parking lot manager’s booth should sport distinct striped colors so that motorists are able to identify it easily.