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Understanding Traffic Paint

About Parking Lot Striping Paint

All traffic paint contains a lot of pigment. Pigment is the colored solid material left on the pavement after the liquids have evaporated and/or been absorbed into the pavement. Contractors are usually surprised to learn that there is a frequently wide range in the percentage of pigment used by different manufacturers.

It’s also important to be aware that some manufacturers use different solvents in their paint. Therefore, some brands may not be chemically compatible with other brands of paint. Incompatible paints may not “mix” together if combine in the same pail. For example, Brand X alkyd striping paint may not combine with Brand Y or Brand Z alkyd striping paint. Wise contractors always ask their dealer for this type of information.

By comparing the net weights of similar types of paint made by various manufacturers, you’ll instantly see which paint offers the most “solids.” That will be the paint that weighs the most. Of course, the heavily pigmented paints are unlikely to be the cheapest.

We believe there is a wide range of criteria in selecting paint, other than price. Some important points to consider are list below:

1. Workability; consistently and how well it flows with your equipment.
2. Long life/good “wear” and color retention characteristics
3. Professional expertise from your dealer; you need good advice from someone in your locality when you enter the striping business.
4. Credit terms/delivery service; be sure to find a high quality paint supplier who can help you in many ways.

Parking Lot Striping Experts

Trueline Parking Lot Striping has been performing parking lot striping for over 20 years.  Trueline Striping Inc considers each and every one of our customers, both returning and new, as part of our future success in the parking lot striping industry. Our aim is simple in that we strive to  build long lasting relationships with our property management customers,  and to maintain those relationships with fair pricing, quality work and good communication and service.  If you have a parking lot striping project coming up and would like a professional, detailed and quality proposal then give us a call today.