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Truncated Domes to Help Your Neighborhood

One thing that always makes for good business is when you choose to help your neighborhood. The better the opinion of your business is, the more likely you will be to get clients and customers coming in to look at your wares and spend their money. An easy way to show how much you care about the neighborhood, and all who inhabit it, is to introduce truncated domes into your sidewalk or parking lot.

Truncated domes are basically simple changes in pavement that may mean little to the feet of a regular person, but that are a way to let someone who is visually impaired know that the pavement is changing or that they may be getting ready to walk into traffic. Truncated domes are an excellent way to help those in your neighborhood who often are not thought of. You would be surprised at how well truncated domes and detectible warning mats help those who are unable to see, as they have been responsible for helping more than a few people to avoid getting into a car accident or to not trip and fall when the pavement suddenly rises or falls.