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Truncated Domes and You!

Trueline Striping has started offering a new service this year. Its called Truncated Domes. They are also known by other names such as Detectable Warning Mats, ADA Mats and Truncated Mats. Truncated Domes are designed to help the vision impaired by warning them that they are entering into a traffic area that has vehicle traffic.  Truncated Domes come in several form and shapes including Mats, Tiles and the Button Style.  These systems have many similarities but some important differences. One major difference is the system we install can be repaired and repainted. Making these domes very easy to maintain over the course of time and saving you money. the system we install is called Safety Step. It comes in virtually any color and is easy to conform around curves and radius layouts. Give us a call if you need any advice on your next Truncated Dome project.