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Traffic sign installation – Watch and drive

Just like we have rules to run our lives, we must have appropriate traffic signs to run our streets. The STOP signs, NO PARKING sign and other signs need to be installed in correct locations to help people stay safe. Not only this, but authorities must make sure that traffic sign installation has been completed in a locality before opening it to the public. This will keep the drivers in that locality informed of all the facilities, restrictions to be adhered to, and help them plan their route.

If a road is ONE WAY, then there must be a sign at the entry of the road to warn the vehicles coming towards it, and also give directions to help them get around. Similarly, if there is a road where repair work is underway, there must be a sign installed “Detour”, so drivers will not get stuck but find an alternative route. Galvanized steel posts with visible colors of red and blue are typically used in the traffic signs and there are some overhead boards which might be in green colour. This is so that they are legible and clearly visible for a driver from quite a distance, as well.