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Traffic Sign Installation-Stop at the Right Spot

Free movement of traffic is the biggest responsibility of the traffic police in any country. Traffic lights are installed at intersections to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. Let’s look and see some of the technical aspects of traffic signals. The approximate weight of a traffic light if it is made of Cast Aluminum is 13 kg, if it is made of fabricated aluminum then the weight is approximately 9 kg and if it made of polycarbonate it is 7.5 kg.

Before installing a traffic light, there are two different types of assemblies. The assemblies are distinguished depending upon whether the lamp is mounted from the back or from the back of the reflector. The cast aluminum traffic and lights and the fabricated aluminum lights are powder coated for protection while the polycarbonate lights are UV treated. In recent times LED technology is being used for traffic signal equipment. There are certain parameters that go into designing a traffic light. Some of these are the average luminance level, uniformity of illumination and mean deviation, minimum point and maximum point.

Traffic Sign installation contractors install lights by taking all these factors into consideration. Any further guidelines suggested by Governments are also adhered to while installing the traffic signs.

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