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Traffic sign installation – Directions and guidelines displayed on the streets

Traffic sign installation
is the duty of the city council and is a way to ensure that there is an organized manner followed while driving and otherwise. Care must be taken to provide ample signs around the city and near the crossroads for people to watch out for. The STOP signs we notice in a red background is an indication for us to stop and not proceed further. Some of the other noted sign boards are NO ENTRY, this could be due to some construction or repair work on that road or it could be a one way street. People have become tuned to all these signs and so today look forward to them as it helps them drive better and reach their destination faster.

If the Traffic sign installation is not completed, but vehicles start plying on the road, there would be no order or system. These signs are typically made of metal or wood and are used to guide drivers on where they can park, cannot park, hotels are, nearest service station is, or hospital zone so please don’t honk, etc. Each of the traffic signs are put in place, keeping in mind the purpose it needs to serve.