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Traffic Light Installation-Ensuring Smooth Traffic Flow

Maintaining a smooth traffic flow in large cities has always been a challenge for local government. They try to install the most modern traffic lighting system to ensure that traffic flows without hindrance. Nowadays in the Western countries, fixed line traffic signals are becoming out-of-date. Companies are installing wireless lighting systems, which have lower installation cost than the conventional Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) systems. In the United Kingdom cities such as Portsmouth and Glasgow have benefited immensely from these wireless communication systems.

UTMC systems have brought in additional requirements apart from managing traffic lights. Information needs to flow from the traffic lights to the servers in the control room to help administrators understand the traffic systems and find ways to improve it. Wireless Traffic Light Installation does not cause any hindrance to the flow of traffic. They have no requirements of installing communication cable hence the cost is also lower.

Technologies for traffic lighting systems have advanced with time. Some of them are 2G, which is a GSM Network, 2.5G, which is a GPRS network, and 3G, which is a UTMS network. The complexity of the lighting system depends on the city’s traffic flow and the network, which needs to be supported.

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