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Too High or Too Low: Wheel Stops

You’ve got two children in the back seat of your vehicle and you’re trying to park your car so that you can get the grocery shopping done as quickly as possible. You pull into a parking lot and the next thing you know, everyone’s head goes flying forward because you were unable to see the wheel stops that were set to help you to park correctly. Although they often go unnoticed, wheel stops are an integral part of any parking lot or parking garage.

All too often, however, a parking lot manager will place wheel stops that are too low into the lot. When the stops are too low, it is easy for a drive to miss them, or to drive completely over them, ruining their tire or axle. If the wheel stops are too high, they can damage the bumper of the car very easily. Choosing the right size wheel stops isn’t as easy as it looks. Once you have good wheel stops in your lot, it is vital that you keep them freshly painted, as this makes them stand out from the pavement and helps the driver to see exactly where they should park.