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Things to know about parking lot painting

Parking lot painting refers to the colors that are painted onto the pavement to help differentiate the parking space. Normally, all parking lots have uniform colors, but they could also include themes and attractive patterns.

Different colors are used in parking lot painting mainly to distinguish the parking space meant for different vehicles like cars, pick-up trucks, jeeps and station wagons. Apart from this different colors in the parking lot could also convey different meanings e.g. the first color could be used for entry point of vehicles and the second color could be used for marking the area for parking and a third color could be used to indicate the exit point of vehicles.

The choice of these color combinations depends on the parking lot operator. But while choosing these colors, it is important to keep in mind that the colors should be universally appealing to the car owners and drivers because ultimately these colors and patterns are mainly used to convey messages to the drivers.

Since parking lots are an integral part of a growing city, there are a set of rules to function the governing of the parking lots, which include certain guidelines for parking lot painting also.