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The wheel stop – What is that thing?

You may have seen them before and wondered what they were there for. Many people in fact see them every day and take them for granted. But they are the safety guards of the roads that keep your space separated from that of incoming traffic.

The wheel stop is that solid piece of concrete that you would have noticed placed at the end of a blocked off road which serves to prevent traffic from passing through. This is its function in most times of temporary road blocks for official police reasons or for street parades and other street festivities. It is also the mark of a cordoned off road.

You would have also noticed the wheel stop in nine out of ten parking lots that you may have parked in yourself. This is its most common application, and here it serves to isolate one parking space from another. This ensures that parking spaces are optimized and that one vehicle does not infringe another’s space. Wheel stops are also used as a precautionary mark to prevent vehicles from parking too close to side walks, pavements or buildings. If the vehicle cannot go over it, then surely the driver would stop at least once he touches the wheel stop.