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The Size of Cars and Parking Lot Striping

Vehicles are getting…well…smaller. Since the gas situation has been going on, more and more people are purchasing smaller cars. This can present a problem to some businesses. In larger vehicles, it is easier to see the ground because of the way you are up high. Smaller vehicles, however, are closer to the ground, and while both can see the parking lot striping from a distance, those who are sitting up higher can often see what’s right beneath their tires much easier. If you have your parking lot set up in a tricky fashion, you may find that those who have smaller cars now are having a more difficult time figuring out where to go in your parking lot.

You may want to consider not only having your parking lot striping redone, but having signs put up. Signs are easily seen by any size vehicle and are a great way to keep your parking lot organized. When you have a professional change the layout of your parking lot and also have them put in signs, you will find that your customers have a much easier time finding their way around, no matter what sized car they drive!