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The paints we use in parking lot striping

Parking lot striping is a type of pavement striping. Pavement striping is in general the method by which the white lines that we normally see on the road are drawn. Parking lot striping is therefore the process by which parking spaces are marked off from each other.

Generally speaking, parking lots use a lot of white paint when striping. It is not uncommon however to find that other paint colors are sometimes used to mark of special car parking facilities. One of the most easily recognized of these would be the blue paint that denotes the wheelchair parking from any other parking space. Parking lot striping would also include the stenciling of reserved parking spaces and no parking spaces. These too commonly use different color paints to easily different it from other parking spaces.

The types of paints used in parking lot striping are normally special paints, which can resist both harsh weather conditions and chemical dissolution. While not a common practice everywhere, some parking lots even allow the use of special paints, which are able to ensure the good visibility of the parking spaces even in bad or poor lighting.