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The Overlooked Structure: Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are often ignored in parking lots and parking garages, when, in fact, they are an extremely important part of any garage or parking lot! Without wheel stops, those who are parking in your garage may find themselves parking incorrectly and hitting another vehicle. Wheel stops not only help to provide structure for your parking lot or garage, they also allow you to help your customers save their vehicles.

Quite often, a vehicle will shift out of park, or the clutch will release, causing the vehicle to roll. A wheel stop prevents the vehicle from banging into other cars, and allows them to remain safe. They are also important as the guard a pedestrian from being hit when a car is moving. If the person walking is on the right side of the wheel stop, the vehicle will be prevented from running into them, saving them from having broken body parts and, potentially, from death. Even though wheel stops are overlooked by casual observers, they are something that can not be overlooked by someone who is planning a parking lot.