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The man and the machine

Parking lot striping is quite an interesting job. With computer based equipment and high quality paints, the job is easy and profitable. Due to the high volume of traffic the parking lot striping is mainly done by spray painting. This helps the paint to dry fast and adhere to the condition for a long time.

In the parking lot striping business primarily two varieties of spray can be used, air spray and airless spray. The air spray is the most traditional method used for parking lot striping; however the airless spray is better and thicker than air spray. Also, the ultimate result is long lasting and of a better quality.

The utilization of parking lot striping is not bounded within the quality, but also on the design and layout. With effective design and layout the parking space can be used with cost-effectiveness and by utilizing maximum space. Moreover, with proper parking lot striping the customers have ease and safety in parking. With the parking space available for disabled persons, the utilization is very humane and effective. The parking lot striping also helps in improving the flow of traffic in the parking lot. The parking lot striping attracts and helps customers of an establishment making the grounds look professional and clean.

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