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The Lifespan of Wheel Stops

Everything breaks down over time, even wheel stops. The bad thing about wheel stops breaking down is that, if they are allowed to break down enough, the rebar shows and they can become very dangerous. If you allow your wheel stops to break down extensively, you will find that you have rebar coming out of the sides, and possibly even the top, depending on how they are made. This can cause the people in your parking lot to be injured very easily, and may wind up actually harming someone very seriously.

More than one person has been injured by rebar, and has had to undergo tetanus shots and antibiotics in order to become healthy just by being scratched from the exposed rebar. Others have actually been impaled on exposed rebar, causing not only serious health issues, but lawsuits as well.

In order to avoid this from occurring, it is vital that you replace your wheel stops every seven years or less. Wheel stops are not very expensive to purchase and, when you think about it, can actually save you thousands of dollars, as a lawsuit can be much more expensive for your company to deal with than buying a new wheel stop would be.