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The Key to Outstanding Stenciling

Outstanding Stenciling Services

Its really discouraging to do what seems to be a neat job of stenciling only to discover otherwise. If you view stenciling from nothing more than an overhead view of the stencil, both you and your customer are probably going to be disappointed. Why? Because the only person who looks at a stencil from a perspective directly over the stencil is the striping contractor.  Everyone else views a stencil not only from a distance, but from a shallow angle. That means you need to “line up” your stencils from at least two other vantage points.

Using more than one vantage point, or reference point will produce a more pleasing “balance” to the stenciling work- especially if there are multiple stencils that will be made close to each other.

Many inexperienced stripers tend to view stenciling as painting a one time stencil within each individual parking stall. That type of thinking almost always produces an unsatisfactory job. Instead, top notch stripers view such stenciling as a continuous, repetitive act in which each stencil is 1) painted in alignment with the others; and 2) is centered within each stall. Giving the stencils a clean and orderly appearance.

“Alignment” is a crucial factor in multiple stenciling and “centering” is equally important. That applies to every type of stall whether straight-in or angled. When stenciling angled stalls, the individual “alignment” of the stencil may be parallel to the Base Line or may be at 90 degrees to the parking stall stripes.

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