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The Importance of Pedestrians

When you’re designing your parking lot striping, you may be mostly focused on getting enough room for your drivers, but what about the pedestrians? There are tons of pedestrians you have to think about, from those who are walking in from other stores, to those who are trying to get into your business from the parking lot. None of these people should ever be in danger of being run over, and it is up to you and your parking lot striping company to ensure that they remain safe at all times.

Before you set up your parking lot striping, make sure that you will have a specific entry point that you would like your customers to enter into. If you do not have one point, customers can get confused as to where the door is and may wander around for awhile. Make it clear where your entryway is so that your parking lot striping company can focus on directing foot traffic into your store that way. Next, make sure that you have access not only from the parking lot, but from the street as well, helping to bring wandering pedestrians into your store as well as driving customers.