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The effective wheel stop should be…

If you are a driver, or even a passenger, and you try to recall where was the last place that you saw a wheel stop, probably only a single answer would come to mind – the parking lot. Whether it is the parking lot in the grocery, your workplace, or even in the mall, I am sure that you would have come across at least one set of wheel stops.

The function of the wheel stop is to prohibit the passage of a vehicle onto the following space. The wheel stop must therefore be physically able to perform its job. Too often I have noticed that vehicles, especially the larger ones, are able to go over the wheel stops and still infringe upon the spaces beyond that they are meant to protect – such as parking spaces and pavement markers. A good wheel stop must be high enough that it can effectively block the wheel from going over it, including four wheel drives, but it should at the same time be of a height that would not damage a vehicle’s bumper. Too often my own vehicle bumper has become damaged by being stuck over a wheel stop in a parking lot at one place or another. Wheel stops should also be such that they are not easily moved by persons insistent on passing through forbidden entry ways.