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Tax Deductions and Parking Lot Striping

It may be summer still, but there is always time to think about tax deductions, especially if you own a business. If you’re trying to rack up as many tax deductions for the year as you can, you may want to consider getting some parking lot striping done. One great way to add some deductions to your taxes, as well as to make things better for your handicapped patrons, is to add some truncated domes or some warning mats.

Truncated domes and warning mats are a way for the visually impaired people to be able to know what is going on under their feet even when they’re just walking in your parking lot or are going from your sidewalk onto your parking area. Truncated domes are used in all of the big businesses, and are designed to be inconspicuous to those who are not handicapped, making them work well for everyone. By getting your parking lot striping and your truncated domes done at the same time, you can not only make your business look nicer, you can add on a justified business expense.