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Understanding Traffic Paint

Trueline Parking Lot Striping has been performing parking lot striping for over 20 years. Trueline Striping Inc considers each and every one of our customers, both returning and new, as part of our future success in the parking lot striping industry.

Parking Lot Striping Problems

Parking Lot Striping Problem Suggestions This one came all the way from Georgia.  We received a e-mail from a frustrated project manager who was dealing with the issue of parking lot striping laid out incorrectly.  He was looking for a fair solution for dealing with the parking lot striping contractor who had made the error…. Read More

Early AM Parking Lot Striping Precautions

Parking lot striping isn’t highly complicated but there are some basic cautions to use when considering what paint to use on your next project. Here is a brief outline for considerations to drying times and fast drying products.

Parking Lot Striping in the 909? 714?

If you are located in one of the area codes below and are in need of a Parking Lot Striping Company or a Parking Lot Maintenance Company please give us a call today. There are many ways our parking lot striping customers find us using there web browsers. With that in mind we here at… Read More

Glossary of Parking Lot Striping Terms

Glossary of Parking Lot Maintenance Terms (Relating To Striping) Glossary • Aisle, Traffic: A portion of a parking facility used for vehicle travel to and from stalls, or between street, stalls, and building(s) served. • Aisle, Pedestrian: Those portions of a parking facility reserved exclusively for pedestrian use; also the other routes normally used by… Read More

Parking Lot Striping

Last week Trueline Striping was hired to place some new handicaps on a large parking lot of a church in Los Angeles. This is a typical parking lot striping job that we preform in Southern California for parking lot managers and parking lot owners every day. Other services we offer include: Seal Coating Asphalt Patching… Read More

Parking Lot Striping for the Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season has officially begun, it may be time to start thinking about how you can make your parking garage better. During the holiday season, more people are taking the roads, in order to go shopping as well as to go to visit relatives, than during any other time of the year,… Read More

Doggie Parking and Parking Lot Striping

Have you thought about the animals outside of your company? Some commercial businesses don’t think about pets, and focus only on the human traffic that they get. But, if you’ve got pedestrian traffic coming into your store, chances are that you’ve got people who would want to bring their pets with them. People love their… Read More

Parking Lot Striping and Black Friday

Let’s talk about Black Friday for a moment. If you’re a commercial business, Black Friday is likely your favorite time of year – and also your busiest. Black Friday can be worry some for any business, no matter how organized you are, simply because it is something that is so crazy and wonderful at the… Read More

Parking Lot Striping As a Gift

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift that you can give someone? If you know someone who owns a business, one gift that you can give them is parking lot striping! It may sound a bit out of the box, but those are the best types of presents! Here’s how you can do it… Read More

Professional Parking Lot Striping

Higher Standards. In one phrase, this is how we define our company vs. the dozens of other parking lot striping companies people have to choose from. At Trueline Striping, we strive to find  customers who challenge us and keep are standards for quality and service above par. We know an ideal striping company is one… Read More

Parking Lot Striping Maintenance and Saving Money

Now that the country has made its decision as to who will be the next President of the United States, how should you be feeling? Are you feeling more secure about your business, or are you actually feeling more worried? If you’re feeling worried, you’ll be much more likely to not have many improvements done… Read More