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Striping the parking slots professionally

Parking lot striping should be a routine affair and should be carried out at least once every six months. The maintenance of the striping is necessary since there is the possibility of the paint wearing away due to weather conditions. The paint used for striping loses its quality on account of sun light and heavy rains. So, it is suggested that the parking lots should not striped during rainy season. There are possibilities of rains washing away the freshly painted stripes. Similarly, ensure the parking lots are free from accumulated snowfall. If there is accumulation of snowfall, it will mask the striping making it difficult for motorists.

Other factors that have to be taken into consideration while doing maintenance on parking lot striping is that the pavement has to be earmarked to guide the motorists. Since most of the parking lots are operated remotely, motorists should be given the maximum assistance possible. It is here that the painting assumes significance. Hire a professional painter before striping the parking lot. Conduct a thorough inspection of the areas, which need painting. However, it is advised that the budget of painting the parking lot is worked out before taking up the work.