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Striping in Cold Weather

Few things are as embarrassing as striping a parking lot in cold weather and having your customer call a few days later to say “My stripes have disappeared.” If the customer has already paid you fore the work, he’s probably going to be angry.

In such cases, you’ll usually be better off to issue a complete refund immediately, and then wait for more favorable weather to re-stripe the lot. That could mean a few days or several months. Regardless, you’ll be much better off refunding the customer’s money, or holding back on his invoice if you haven’t billed him yet.

More importantly, oil base paint can be successfully applied at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Another thing to consider are fast dry paints available from most paint contractors. These  striping paints are designed to dry quickly in cold weather where time window opportunities are short. Also if rain is in the forecast its best to not take the chance on scheduling a job. Most paint contractors agree that paints failure rates skyrocket if precipitation is in the forecast 24 hours before or after work is completed.

If you have a striping project coming up in Southern California don’t take a chance on a contractor who is not sure of what kind of paint you should use or when you should use it. Call Trueline Striping today and we will answer any questions you can think off.